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To Sheffield with love

Author[s] Hynes, Patricia and Mon Thu, Yin

Date 2008



The article discusses the resettlement of refugees in Sheffield from the Thai-Burma border between May 2005 and September 2007 under the Gateway Protection Programme. Issues faced by Burmese refugees include transition from refugee camp life, mental health needs, adjusting to life in the UK and fear of authority. Three challenges of early resettlement are language issues; problems with technology; and difficulties associated with living within a different culture and new environment.


Better preparation and more practical assistance could have eased the integration of Burmese refugees into British society.


Recommendations relate to the management of the Gateway Protection Programme, and relate to the extent and type of support offered including the provision of information, counselling, training, employment and understanding of domestic law.

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Resource type
journal article
Journal Forced Migration Review
30, 49-51

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