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The European Roma of South Yorkshire. A research report.

Author[s] Grayson, John and Horton, Marion

Date 2007



To draw together sources of information and conduct research on the situation of European Roma in South Yorkshire in recent years.


The research undertook 35 semi-structured interviews with Slovak Roma individuals and families in Rotherham and Sheffield and two informal focus groups with 17 young Roma people in Rotherham and Sheffield. A formal focus group and event in Rotherham was attended by 73 Slovak Roma.

Key issues

The report reviews the national context and recent history of Roma in South Yorkshire, focusing on Barnsley. The enlargement of the EU is discussed and available data on numbers and population of Roma provided. The research focused on housing and related issues: private sector housing, education and health, racism and harassment and work. It is argued that European Roma face multiple disadvantages in housing, education and other spheres of life.


Chiefly, the report recommends consultation and participation of Roma people in the policy-making and implementation process. Recommendations are aimed at public sector bodies and relate to quality and regulation of housing and accommodation, information on employment rights, understanding banking, funding for schools, raising awareness of Roma issues, and research to improve knowledge of Roma populations.

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The Ad Ed Knowledge Company, Sheffield

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