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West Yorkshire B&ME housing market study

Author[s] ECOTEC

Date 2007



The research aimed to gain a better understanding of how BME housing markets in West Yorkshire are operating and changing.


The study, commissioned by the West Yorkshire Housing Partnership, included a review of relevant literature and secondary data sources, interviews and discussion groups with relevant stakeholders, small surveys in key locations followed by focus groups, and the production of BME population and household projections.

Key issues

The report covers the regional and sub-regional strategic context [West Yorkshire housing markets, BME housing markets, community cohesion]; BME settlement patterns [established communities, new communities]; and future BME population and household growth. Existing patterns of settlement among minority ethnic groups are compared with recent trends, especially relating to asylum seeker dispersal and the rise in migration since 2004 of A8 migrants. The report suggests that asylum seekers granted refugee status tend to enter the housing market hurriedly, with limited support, usually into private rented accommodation in established BME neighbourhoods. Migrant worker locations are hard to track. It is thought that most live in private rented accommodation in central areas of the main urban centres. The report discusses future population projections in relation to demand for housing and differences in projected settlements patterns across the sub-region.


The housing pathways available to BME communities have tended to be restricted to a narrow set of options, and there is a risk of further marginalisation. New migration is difficult to predict but can be expected to be an ongoing feature.


Recommendations are aimed at policy and practice in housing and relate to improving the labour market prospects of BME groups; improving awareness of the purchasing power of economically mobile BME households; provision of a range of housing options; and a strategic response to meet the needs of new communities and limit possible negative effects.

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ECOTEC, Birmingham

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