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Mapping migrant workers. Report to the Scadim Executive

Author[s] Davis, Revd. John

Date 2005



The study aimed to map migrant workers in the Selby area and to identify needs and resources.


Local organisations, employers, and the local authority were consulted.

Key issues

The report summarises issues relating to employment, housing, needs, and resources. Most migrant workers are employed in farming and food processing sectors, often for low pay. Views on relations between local and migrant workers in the workplace are outlined. There are some areas with concentrations of migrant worker housing, often in houses of multiple occupancy leading to concerns about fire safety. Seasonal agricultural workers often live in caravans on site. Needs expressed by workers were language, decent housing, information, childcare, dental care and advocacy. Available resources, organisations and services to meet some of these needs are listed.


The report recommends that the Selby Communities and District Industrial Mission broker an event to bring stakeholders together.

Further details

Resource type
Published by
Selby Communities and District Industrial Mission, Selby

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