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At a turning point? The state of race relations in Hull

Author[s] Craig, Gary; Wilkinson, Mick and Johar, Ali

Date 2005



The study reports on an enquiry into the state of race relations in Hull.


The enquiry, conducted from July to December 2004, collected 87 individual submissions of evidence by inviting contributions through local media outlets, public, voluntary, faith and community sector organisations; and a review of local press coverage.

Key issues

The report presents key themes of evidence provided, which include: the history of racist behaviour; the influence of the management of the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers; casualised acceptance of racist behaviour and language; improving the public image of refugees and asylum seekers; failure of agencies to translate statements into action; and actual or emerging activity confronting racism.


There is a dismal picture of the state of race relations in Hull. However, there are also indications of positive change.


The recommendations are aimed at widespread organisations and at individuals with various suggestions for improving race relations, such as supporting minority ethnic organisations; race equality training; reporting racist incidents; and monitoring race equality work.

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University of Hull, Hull

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