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They come over here...and boost our economy: the impact of migrant workers on the Yorkshire and Humber region

Author[s] Craig, Gary

Date 2007



The article assesses the influx of labour migrants and makes recommendations on what needs to be done in response.

Key issues

The article describes types of migrants, estimates of numbers, sectors of employment and the context of recent policy and political concern over migration. The patterns and effects of migration to the UK and Yorkshire and Humber are outlined, including likely trends of return migration and the economic value of migrants.


The terms of the debate that regard migrant workers as a threat are wrong: they are vital to the success of rural and urban economies.


These are directed at employers, trade unions, local authorities, education and training agencies, and central government. The recommendations relate to working conditions, use of migrant skills, information on employment rights, provision of English classes, and use of migrant labour.

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Resource type
journal article
Journal The Yorkshire and Humber Regional Review
17, 1

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