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New migrant communities in Leeds

Author[s] Cook, Joanne; Dwyer, Peter and Waite, Louise

Date 2008



The research was commissioned by Leeds City Council to gather information on the experiences and needs of A8 migrants, the implications for services and the impact upon Leeds communities.


The study, conducted between January and February 2008, combined a literature / policy review, 10 individual key informant interviews and focus groups and semi-structured interviews with 34 newly arrived A8 migrants, 24 members of established communities and 21 service providers.

Key issues

The report presents and discusses findings on migration patterns, work, neighbourhood and community relations, and welfare service provision. The primary motivation for A8 migration was to access work, though Roma may be escaping persecution, and varying periods of settlement, increasing numbers of family joiners and couples mean it is difficult to identify a 'typical' A8 migrant. New A8 migrant workers were filling labour shortages; there is some evidence of an employment hierarchy with Polish workers enjoying a relatively advantaged position. There were some examples of positive mixing between A8 migrant communities and more established communities, but A8 migrants also related experiences of harassment and prejudice. A8 migrants may have had some impact on welfare service provision, but this varies across sectors with little impact on social housing.


The report offers recommendations, primarily aimed at the local authority and public services. These include improving data collection, assessing funding for maternity services and schools, funding for translation and establishing partnerships with employers to develop English language training, creating shared spaces for greater interaction, and mythbusting exercises.

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Leeds City Council, Leeds
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New migrant communities in Leeds - PDF on Salford University website
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