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Status and category matter: refugee types, entitlements and integration support

Author[s] Brown, David

Date 2008



To disentangle the complex interaction between status, category, entitlements and integration support for refugees in the UK.

Key issues

The report outlines 43 'types' of refugee, nine statuses granted, and eleven categories of permission to remain in the UK which are presented in reference tables. Entitlements attached to different types are outlined, including those relating to leave to remain in the UK, housing, health, employment and benefits, access to further and higher education, travel, rights to family reunion and the 'integration loan'. The report includes a glossary of acronyms and appendices that relate to 'special cases' of Sangatte and Iraqi Staff.


There is a tiering of entitlements for different types of refugees. The system is complex, requiring a high level of knowledge among refugees, refugee organisations, and mainstream service providers.

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Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership, Leeds

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