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Skills audit of refugees in West Yorkshire

Author[s] Back to Work Company

Date 2003



To conduct a skills audit of refugees and asylum seekers in West Yorkshire, to map existing forms of job search support, and to look at how these might be strengthened.


A team with one manager and ten researchers conducted 500 interviews with asylum seekers and refugees with permission to work between mid-March and May 2003 to provide qualitative and quantitative data. The sample included 50 nationalities, 71% men; 75% were between the ages of 18 and 34.

Key issues

The research identified organisations offering services to help the unemployed back into work including 14 refugee specific initiatives and provides data on respondents’ language skills, education, health and vocational skills or qualifications. The findings indicated issues of language difficulties; the workplace as a setting for gaining English skills; workplace language tuition; the benefits of mentor support; difficulties for employers to find out about services available to support refugees.


Recommendations are aimed at employers and employment support services, and identify a need for more coordination of services, sharing good practice, support for workplace mentors and language training linked to job or work experience.

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West Yorkshire Refugee Network, Leeds

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