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Migrant workers in the Humber sub-region. A report for the Humber Improvement Partnership

Author[s] Adamson, Sue; Wilkinson, Mick and Craig, Gary

Date 2008



To map and explore issues relating to migrant workers in the Humber sub-region.


The research, undertaken in the winter of 2007, combines quantitative and qualitative data from analysis of official statistics [Workers’ Registration Scheme (WRS) and National Insurance Number registrations (NINo)] and from 67 interviews with organisations and individuals working with or providing services to migrant workers.

Key issues

The report provides and discusses the available data on numbers of migrant workers, country of origin, geographical distribution, gender profile, age, occupations, industry, wage rates, hours worked, dependents, and planned length of stay. The analysis includes comparisons and discrepancies between WRS and NINo data and provides some statistics from other sources [eg pupil school census]. The qualitative data provides findings on population, characteristics and locations; housing; employment; education; interpretation and translation facilities; English language needs and provision; health; general advice and information provision; community safety and community cohesion; community tension, racist incidents and the role of the media; and migrant workers representation and input into the process of decision making. Each of the sections identifies areas of good practice and detailed recommendations for improvements.


The aggregation of data by local authority or parliamentary constituency limit analysis as it is not possible to cross-tabulate between variables. While some migrant workers may return to their county of origin, many will not and will settle in the sub-region.


Key agencies should develop a long term strategic vision around new community migrant workers in the Humber.

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University of Hull, Hull

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