Tips on searching the migration research database

On the migration research database page, you'll see four different search options:

  • Migrant group – the ‘type’ of migrant that the research is about, for example asylum seekers, refugees, EU migrants
  • Theme – the research has been categorised into 8 broad themes for example health, housing and welfare, policy.
  • Topic – the topics are more specific than themes, helping you to narrow your search on a specific topic for example access to healthcare, housing patterns, managed migration.
  • Place – this is the area of the region that the research was carried out. You can choose from:
    • local authority areas [for example Hull, Sheffield, Wakefield] and sub-regions [Humber, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and West Yorkshire], which contain all research which has happened in these places
    • ‘Yorkshire & Humber – region-wide’ which is for research which covers the whole of the region
    • ‘UK - inc. Yorkshire & Humber element’, which is for national research which includes this region as a substantial part of the research

You can search on one or more of these options at once, but you can only make one choice on each of the 4 drop down lists. When you have made your choices, click ‘Search’.

Viewing and printing your search results

Your results will appear as a list of titles of research, ranked first by date [most recent at the top] and then by author.

To see more information about a particular piece of research, click on the title of the research. You'll then come to a page about that piece of research. To print this page in a printer friendly format, click the 'Print this page' button at the bottom of the page.

To see more information about all the listed pieces of research in one go, and in a printer friendly format, click on the 'View or print search results in full' button [you can find this at the bottom of your list of search results].

Listing everything in the database

To get a list of all the research in the database, click on 'All entries' on the left hand menu, or click on 'list all' on the migration research database page. All entries in the database will then be listed for you.

Searching the rest of the website

If you want to search for something in the rest of the website, use instead the search box which appears on the top right hand corner of every page of the website. This box doesn't search the migration research database.

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Yorkshire and Humber region outline

More information

If you have any questions about the research database, or you need help finding a piece of research listed here, please contact Pip Tyler:

Phone: 0113 378 9023