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Refugee integration strategy

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The regional integration strategy for refugees and asylum seekers 2009-2011

Photo of the cover of the refugee integration strategy.Migration Yorkshire [formerly the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership] produced the regional integration strategy 'Finding Sanctuary, Enriching Yorkshire and Humber' following extensive consultation, as part of the Refugee Integration Programme 2007-2010.

The aim of the strategy is the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into Yorkshire and Humber and its local communities.

The strategy sets out a vision for integration and key objectives. It also identifies regional priorities for action under six areas of integration: housing, health, work and skills, safety, community and society, and children and young people.

Related documents:

Finding Sanctuary, Enriching Yorkshire and Humber - the regional integration strategy for refugees and asylum seekers 2009-2011  [2 MB, pdf format] - the strategy document. We have hard copies of the strategy available - contact us to order your free copy.

Updated Action Plan 2009-2011 - for the integration strategy for refugees and asylum seekers [1 MB, pdf format] - the action plan for implementing the integration strategy, updated in July 2010 to show progress in year 1. The original Action Plan September 2009 is available from the Refugee Integration Programme archive.

Refugee and asylum seeker consultation responses, Yorkshire and Humber [1.3 MB, pdf format] - summary of the 303 responses from the consultation with refugees and asylum seekers for the integration strategy.

See Refugee Integration Event 2010 to find out about the event held in July 2010 to review refugee integration in the Yorkshire and Humber region - including monitoring the progress of the Integration Strategy, and the Action Plan.

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