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ARCHIVE PAGE - the Yorkshire and Humber Public Sector Group no longer exists

What is the Yorkshire and Humber Public Sector Group?

The Yorkshire and Humber Public Sector Group was a partnership of nine local authorities which provided housing and support to asylum seekers dispersed to the region from across the UK. The nine local authorities were: Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Hull, Kirklees, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield. The Public Sector Group’s work was paid for by Central Government, under a contract with the Home Office, called the ‘Target Accommodation Contract’.

What did it do?

The Public Sector Group:

  • Managed the accommodation contract on behalf of the nine local authorities, and in conjunction with the UK Border Agency [UKBA - part of the Home Office].
  • Monitored performance and oversaw the operations across two initial accommodation sites in the region.
  • Found housing for asylum seekers using both private sector and local authority accommodation in the region, making sure that they got the right support, and that anyone with particular needs had those needs met.
  • Worked closely with various government departments at local and regional level.
  • Liaised with UKBA Yorkshire and the Humber.

How did it work?

The Public Sector Group’s Contract Management Team [CMT] was responsible for delivery of the accommodation contract. The Contract Management Team was part of Migration Yorkshire and:

  • Managed the performance of the contract, ensuring that the Public Sector Group met the Home Office’s standards and support requirements.
  • Coordinated requests from UKBA for placing asylum seekers into local authority housing in the region, liaising daily with the local authority asylum teams and with a wide range of services to ensure that individuals and families got appropriate housing and practical support.


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