Policy item - New Plan for Immigration [issued by the Home Office]

Date: April 2021


This briefing presents key features of the ‘New Plan for Immigration’, a Home Office policy consultation paper. It also highlights potential issues and implications for those working in this field in Yorkshire and Humber. 

The plan has 3 objectives:

  • fairness and efficacy of the system
  • deter illegal entry
  • remove people with no right to be here

A repeated theme is ‘fair but firm’ and key ideas are that the asylum system should be based on need rather than the ability to pay smugglers, and should not reward people who enter the UK ‘illegally’.

Please use the links at the bottom of this page to download Migration Yorkshire's briefing on this and a shorter summary document.

For more information on the plan and consultation, go to the Home Office's 'New Plan for Immigration - open consultation' page

Background information documents:
The Home Office ‘New Plan for Immigration’ – Migration Yorkshire briefing paper March 2021 [100 KB]
Summary: Home Office ‘New Plan for Immigration’ – summary of Migration Yorkshire briefing paper March 2021 [87 KB]

Source: Migration Yorkshire

Contact for more information:
Pip Tyler
Policy and research manager
Phone: 0113 378 9023

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