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Policy item - Modern slavery and migration

Date: July 2019


The way in which the UK approaches modern slavery has changed radically in the last ten years, with a new law in 2015, a national procedure for responding to victims of modern slavery [the National Referral Mechanism, or NRM], a public sector duty to act if there’s a suspicion that a person has been enslaved – and improvements to these being recommended and introduced all the time. There are resources available to support front line workers who might spot signs that someone might be a victim of modern slavery, and specialist agencies who can advise and support individuals.

To help keep up to date on this complex and changing issue, our briefing paper provides an overview of current UK policy and legislation on modern slavery and trafficking, with a focus on migration. There’s also information about services and support in the Yorkshire and Humber region, as well as national organisations.

Summary document

Provides an introduction to the topic.

Briefing paper

Includes more detail throughout for a more comprehensive understanding of the current way in which modern slavery is tackled in the UK. It gives more detail about future developments, has an additional section outlining official scrutiny of policy and legislation on modern slavery, and has a more extensive list of organisations and resources.

Background information documents:
Modern slavery and migration – summary [256 KB]
Modern slavery and migration – briefing paper [590 KB]

Source: Migration Yorkshire

Contact for more information:
Kate James
Policy and Research Officer
Phone: 0113 535 0648

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