Understanding asylum trends in 2021

Understanding asylum trends in 2021

News item 23 December 2021:

We've written a new briefing about understanding asylum trends

Summary of the briefing:

  • In recent months there has been an increase in attempts by migrants to cross the Channel via small boats with a view to claiming asylum and the Home Office says this has put pressure on the asylum estate. Nearly all such arrivals are asylum seekers.
  • The Home Office has launched plans to restructure the asylum system and tackle illegal immigration in the UK through the Nationality and Borders Bill.
  • Data shows that asylum claims have so far not risen in the last year but since 2015 are notably higher than the previous ten years, although are significantly lower than earlier in the 21st century. It may be too early to draw any definitive conclusions from the data available in 2021.
  • The predominant methods in which asylum seekers come to the UK has changed.
  • The asylum supported population has increased in the last year. There are three key related issues: an asylum decision-making backlog, a larger population needing asylum accommodation and the use of contingency accommodation like hotels as a solution to that greater demand.
  • Changes in the asylum estate could affect communities through the demand for services and the impact on community cohesion.





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