Policy update March 2022

Policy update March 2022

News item 28 April 2022:

An overview of the latest statistics, policy and research on migration issues affecting partner organisations in Yorkshire and Humber. 

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Summary of some key points in the policy update

  • Initial government announcements about options available to Ukrainians to come to or remain in the UK largely focused on those already in the UK or British nationals with family members in Ukraine.
  • Over 28,000 people crossed the Channel in small boats in 2021, over three times the number in 2020. In November, 27 people lost their lives on a single day.
  • Report stage of the Nationality and Borders Bill has begun in the House of Lords with voting on amendments, amid continued criticism.
  • With continued labour shortages, the Seasonal Worker visa route is extended to the end of 2024 and care workers were added to the Shortage Occupation List.
  • Immigration statistics for 2021 show the highest number of asylum applications in the UK since 2003. The cost of housing asylum seekers and Afghan refugees in hotels was revealed at £4.7 million a day.
  • Government announced the Afghan Citizen’s Resettlement Scheme would open in January.
  • All councils are now required to care for unaccompanied children through the National Transfer Scheme.
  • The Supreme Court ruled the Home Office can continue to charge whatever it wishes for children to register as British citizens.
  • The BNO visa scheme is being extended to more young Hongkongers. 47 national and regional projects have been funded to support new arrivals.
  • The White Paper ‘Levelling Up the United Kingdom’ was published, proposing ways to ‘spread opportunity more equally’ across the country, including a proposal for a ‘Strategy for Community Spaces and Relationships’.
  • Broadcasters agreed to stop using the term BAME where possible.
  • The situation in Belarus dominated international news over the winter.
  • During the Australian Open, Novak Djokovic was held in a hotel used to detain asylum seekers, giving renewed attention to treatment of asylum seekers.
  • Local stories about migrant communities include nurses recruited through a scheme for refugees, Afghan footballers arriving in Leeds, a royal visit to a hotel hosting Afghans, and a Sheffield student represented Jamaica in the Winter Olympics.






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