No recourse to public funds [NRPF] - new briefing

No recourse to public funds [NRPF] - new briefing

News item 09 August 2021:

Migration Yorkshire has written a new briefing about the government’s 'no recourse to public funds' [NRPF] policy and how it can impact children and families.

Summary of the briefing:

  • No recourse to public funds is an immigration condition imposed by the Home Office on individuals who are subject to immigration control.
  • People with NRPF are unable to access welfare benefits and housing assistance and therefore are at risk of experiencing destitution.
  • Families living in destitution as a result of having NRPF may find themselves struggling to access income, food, transport, clothing and school uniforms and equipment.
  • Many families living in destitution may be dependent on friends and family for support and may be at risk of exploitation. They may also be dependent on the voluntary sector to meet their essential living needs.
  • Local authorities may have a duty to provide support through Section 17 of the Children Act 1989 to families living in destitution. Some may be able to access additional support through free school meals.
  • Recent policy changes and government proposals could see increases in the numbers of children living in destitution with no recourse to public funds; and, therefore, increasing numbers being supported by local authorities.






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