Policy update May 2021

Policy update May 2021

News item 27 July 2021:

An overview of the latest statistics, policy and research on migration issues affecting partner organisations in Yorkshire and Humber. 

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Summary of some key points in the policy update

  • Improvements to estimating migration to the UK have resulted in an admission that EU net migration has been higher and non-EU lower than earlier official estimates. There are also new modelling estimates of net migration trends. 
  • Government published and consulted on a New Plan for Immigration, with significant reforms to asylum and modern slavery systems, and additional support for refugee integration. 
  • As of late March, migrants crossing the Channel using small boats this year reached over 1,000 individuals, more than double than this time last year. 
  • Visa extensions continue for health workers but not social care workers. 
  • The visa route for Hong Kong British National [Overseas] passport holders opened on 31 January with 35,000 people having applied for the visa so far. Funding and guidance has been confirmed to provide a welcome programme in the regions. 
  • The use of military barracks and hotels as asylum accommodation remains a charged issue; scrutiny continues. 
  • The Home Secretary confirmed the continuation of refugee resettlement by launching the global UK resettlement scheme, and announced £14million funding for pilot projects to support refugee integration.
  • Horticulture, agriculture and cleaning industries have been identified as areas where potential exploitation of workers is increasingly likely. 
  • 3,300 children looked after and care leavers are eligible to apply for the EUSS; of 374 eligible children in Yorkshire and Humber, 251 [67%] are yet to apply. Concerns continue to be raised about the potential impacts for people who do not apply by the June 2021 deadline. 
  • There has been massive criticism of a government-commissioned report on racial disparities, set up after the Black Lives Matter protests last year. 
  • International migration globally ‘slowed’ by 2million in 2020 due to COVID-19. 
  • Plans to vaccinate asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants are progressing, for example, in Germany, Serbia, Greece and Jordan. 
  • Local stories of support to refugees feature Hull, York, Bradford and Sheffield. 





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