Resources for research on changing communities

Resources for research on changing communities

News item 28 August 2020:

We have research tools to share!

Are you working on any of the following?

  • Research at the neighbourhood scale.
  • Local engagement with residents, migrants, professionals or council officers.
  • Research about local/social change or on migration.

The Communities up Close project at Migration Yorkshire is launching a set of resources and stories to share about the process of doing research in local neighbourhoods

The resources include:

  • Fieldwork tools we used with guidance and questions we asked, from screening potential participants to running a focus group and commissioning an opinion poll.
  • Informal, candid blog-style posts and videos with reflections from the project team about different aspects of the project - from writing a funding bid to debating whether asking about the Brexit elephant in the room would lead to more or less bias; from reactions from council officers with a research site to thinking about sharing the learning.

Pip Tyler, the project manager, explains why the team wanted to share these project resources:

‘Far too often, you find yourself with a gem of an idea for a project, but with a blank piece of paper in front of you. Nobody wants to start from scratch, do they? There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience out there to build on. We should be able to build on great ideas and know what pitfalls to avoid. Too often we don’t share the lessons from projects, and that valuable and hard-earned experience can be lost forever. What a waste!

At Migration Yorkshire we're keen to do more to promote evidence-based practice, so we do things as well as possible first time around and don’t waste resources trying out things that other people could already advise on.’

It can take a bit of courage to share honestly about what did and didn’t work, what dilemmas you faced and what decisions you took. We hope you’ll use the resources available in the spirit of collaboration and the good intentions behind this initiative. And do tell us if you have found them useful! It could help us make the case to do this more often.




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