'Someone who smiles, that's all you need'

'Someone who smiles, that's all you need'

News item 18 December 2019:

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To celebrate International Migrants Day we're publishing a new report on the experiences of young refugees


“By spending time and really getting to know these young people, I was able to explore their world with them, and better understand what the people around them could do to make it a happier place” 

Dr Vanja Celebicic, lead researcher


Our new report 'Someone who smiles, that’s all you need’: life in Yorkshire and Humber for a young person seeking asylum outlines the findings of recent research on the lives and experiences of young refugees, identifying key priorities for service providers and carers and the simple actions which can make life better for young people. It also highlights the importance of having someone in your life who really cares about you, such as a foster carer.

Click these links to find out more about the research process and the Welcoming Young Refugees project that initiated it.


When I was 17 I finally arrived in England. Here I feel safe. There is freedom here.

Could you change a young refugee’s life by offering them a home and being that person who smiles at them?

If you'd like to find out more about how you could welcome and and support a young refugee, visit our Find out about fostering page














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