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Resettling refugees: support after the first year

Resettling refugees: support after the first year

News item 25 October 2017:

logoA guide for local authorities

This new guide is for local authorities that have been taking part in the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme [VPRS]. It is aimed at councils whose clients have been in the UK for more than a year now and that are planning and developing their programme of support to further refugees’ integration and independence.

'This guidance has been a life saver'

Saulo Cwerner from Lancashire County Council said: ‘As the end of Year 1 for our first cohort was approaching, we were struggling to determine what services we should commission for Year 2. Then came this guidance, which has been a life saver and, quite literally, a guide to our current thinking about Year 2-5 services. It is comprehensive and very written, with useful examples that relate to our cases, and excellent tools that, I am sure, many local authorities and their partners will be using going forward.’

What's in the guide

The guide outlines details of financial arrangements and programme management that each local authority must undertake. It then outlines different areas of work that local authorities might want to incorporate into their plans to support refugee integration and independence during client years 2-5:

  • integration casework
  • local community involvement
  • employment advice
  • language support
  • health
  • housing support
  • legal support
  • education

You can also find a 2 page executive summary, examples of practice from different local authorities and useful checklists of things to consider for each area of integration support.

The guide was commissioned by the Local Government Association from Migration Yorkshire.

Download the full report from:

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