A range of guidance written by Migration Yorkshire.


Are you an English language tutor, provider or funder?

Check out our toolkit and literature review on effective practice for English as a foreign language [ESOL] for refugees.


Are you an employer wanting to support refugees?

Read about refugee employment in Yorkshire and Humber: benefits, opportunities and overcoming barriers [pdf].


Are you helping new refugees to move from asylum support to mainstream services?

Our good practice guide has lots of tips. Particularly helpful for local authority staff.


Are you supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children [UASC]?

Our UASC hub has the latest Information, policy facts and guidance for professionals and foster carers.


Are you researching neighbourhoods and changing communities?

Tips and templates for planning local engagement projects, doing fieldwork and sharing your findings.


See also - some older guidance that may still be useful

Introduction to migration booklets [June 2015] - some content is out of date.

Who are migrants? [2012] - some content is out of date.


Our publications

Scan through our full range of publications.




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