About the A-Z

The A-Z lists organisations working with migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees, in Yorkshire and Humber. We include only migrant-specific services because we don't have the resources to include all mainstream services, and we don't want to duplicate other directories. 

We do not have detailed knowledge of all of the organisations listed in the A-Z. Sometimes, for instance, we include information gathered from internet or literature searches. The fact that we include an organisation in the A-Z should not be taken to mean that we endorse that organisation, its work or its views. 

Guidelines on inclusion in the A-Z of organisations

We include:

Organisations, projects, networks and umbrella organisations which:

  • are based in, or have an outreach presence in, Yorkshire and Humber, and
  • provide a service specifically for migrants [we use this term to include asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, and refugees], or do work that specifically relates to migrants, and
  • are not-for-profit, or charities, or social enterprise or registered social landlords.

We exclude:

  • Organisations whose work doesn’t specifically relate to, or provide a service specifically for, migrants.
  • Most private sector organisations, as we cannot endorse or recommend particular companies. So, for example, private landlords, interpreting/translating companies and most solicitors firms are excluded. We will include profit-making organisations in exceptional circumstances: for example, we can include private housing providers which hold a Home Office asylum accommodation contract in Yorkshire and Humber.
  • Organisations dedicated exclusively to campaign work.

If you want to add your organisation to our A-Z, please check that you meet the criteria above and then follow the instructions on the how to add or amend an entry page.

Have we missed out an organisation, or got the wrong information?

Please let us know if you think there’s an organisation we’ve missed.

We try to keep the A-Z listings up to date, but this isn't always easy! A listing may be out of date if we're waiting to hear back from an organisation or if they've forgotten to tell us about a change. We prefer to use content written by the organisation itself: where this hasn’t been possible, for whatever reason, we may either leave out the organisation or include only basic details.

If your organisation is listed, and you want to expand or change the information we have, please get in touch. If you've sent in an update, but your page hasn't changed within a week, let us know and we'll check what's happened and get back to you.

If you want us to delete your organisation's entry, please let us know.

Contact us for more information

Alli Spence, Website and Information Manager
Migration Yorkshire
Phone: 0113 378 9022
Email:  admin@migrationyorkshire.org.uk



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