Nationality and Borders Bill

Nationality and Borders Bill

News item 17 September 2021:

We've written a new briefing about the government's Nationality and Borders Bill

Summary of the briefing:

  • The UK government is seeking to reform the asylum system and tackle illegal entry into the UK as well as speed up removals of those who don’t have a legal right to remain in the UK.
  • The government has published the Nationality and Borders Bill and this Bill must go through the necessary parliamentary process required to become primary legislation. The government is hoping to complete this process in the Autumn.
  • The Bill proposes a number of radical changes to the UK asylum system such as differential treatment based on how someone comes to the UK, the introduction of asylum reception centres and offshore asylum processing sites.
  • The Bill also seeks to increase sentences for smugglers and for illegal-entry, fast-track appeals and removals, as well as provide reforms to the age assessment process for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and the threshold for establishing who is a potential victim of modern slavery.
  • Key concerns over the Bill include the failure to address the decision-making backlog on asylum claims, that providing differential treatment to refugees based on how they come here undermines international obligations, reception centres and temporary status will not facilitate integration, and that fewer survivors of modern slavery will be able to access protection from the government.

This briefing aims to explain and examine the Bill in detail.





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