What's the weather got to do with integration?

What's the weather got to do with integration?

News item 20 September 2021:

Two new research publications

We’re excited to share two new reports sharing the experiences of people who live in Yorkshire and Humber and who were granted refugee protection at some point in their life in the UK.

The reports are part of wider research to better understand the integration of refugees in our region’s communities.

Dr Vanja Čelebičić, the author of the reports, explains:

‘The stories we heard led us to focus on what makes people feel emotionally at ease.

Did you ever consider what role the weather plays in the processes of integration, or how the word ‘refugee’ shapes daily lives of the people it marks? How about what kind of places matter most for someone who was forced to make a home in a new country?

We explored these questions among people who live in Yorkshire and Humber.’  


Living the weathers and other stories 

This report looks at the experiences of people who were forced to leave their homes and now live in Yorkshire and Humber. It examines where they feel emotionally at ease and what makes them feel that way; what the weather has got to do with it all; and how the label ‘refugee’ shapes their daily life and future possibilities.

Sketches of hope, stairways, trees and more: building new lives in Yorkshire and Humber

This report presents drawings and insights from research participants about the places where they now live.

Peer researcher Akosiwa Agbokou described her role on the project:

‘I've come to realise how different our journeys and circumstances are, and how, as a result not everything means the same thing to each individual with refugee status. However, I believe peer researchers’ involvement has brought a different perspective to the whole RIYH project.’

A council officer summed up her learning from the research in this way:

‘I'm really pleased to support this important piece of research. There are still very many barriers to a new arrival feeling settled and comfortable in their surroundings. Senior leaders from relevant organisations should have sight of these findings and asked how they envisage making changes within their realms of responsibility to help change the local climate to warm and welcoming.’


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