New voluntary sector funding to support Hong Kong arrivals

New voluntary sector funding to support Hong Kong arrivals

News item 30 July 2021:

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New Regional VCSE Grant Scheme

Today, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government [MHCLG] has launched regional Voluntary Community Social Enterprise [VCSE] sector funding to develop and run local projects supporting integration of Hong Kong British National [Overseas] status holders and their families.

The funding is to provide information, advice and support to new arrivals at a local level, to enable them to access mainstream services, find suitable employment and have meaningful social interaction with resident communities of all backgrounds.

Each region will receive a proportion of £1.4 million pot – based on the estimated regional demand – with Yorkshire and Humber expecting to get just over £106,000. Migration Yorkshire is working in partnership with MHCLG to deliver the fund in this region.

How to find out more about this funding

For detailed information and the regional funding prospectus, visit Regional VCSE Grant Scheme page on

The MHCLG is running two events for VCSE organisations on 10 and 11 August 2021, to talk about the grant schemes in more detail. If you'd like to attend, you need to register via Eventbrite

How to apply for this funding in Yorkshire and Humber

Deadline for applications: 1 September 2021.

Where to send your application: for projects covering Yorkshire and Humber, submit your application to Migration Yorkshire by email

You should demonstrate:

  • Successful projects are expected to run from October 2021 until March 2022. Your bid should show commitment to collaborating with more established organisations as well as working towards and achieving good practice in supporting Hongkongers.
  • In your bid, you need to engage with the priorities for the Yorkshire and Humber region:
    • To build on existing service provision, increase the capacity of organisations already working within the migration sector and develop specialisms lasting beyond the duration of the funding.
    • To ensure support is available and consistent across the region, and considers the specific needs and immigration rights of Hongkongers, including language and cultural needs.
    • To provide safe environments where Hongkongers can thrive and enable beneficiaries to have a voice and actively participate in the delivery of the projects.
    • To create opportunities for meaningful interaction between new arrivals and local communities, and to enable local people and businesses to get involved to improve employment opportunities, and facilitate integration and community cohesion.
    • To work alongside other stakeholders involved in the delivery of the Welcome Programme, including Migration Yorkshire, local authorities, national and local voluntary organisations and faith groups to provide a comprehensive local and regional support package.

If you have questions

For questions about the application process, email:

For questions about regional priorities, please contact Ewa Jamróz:


Telephone: 0113 378 9017


The regional VCSE grant scheme is part of MHCLG’s national £43.1 million ‘Welcome Programme’ to support BNO status holders and their family members to settle into their new communities. Other funding streams of the programme are:

  • The National VCSE funding for UK-wide projects providing infrastructure support in areas such as: employment, mental health and wellbeing, which will complement what is being delivered locally.
  • The funding for the development of dedicated Hong Kong educational resources for schools and Further Education [FE] settings.
  • The funding to deliver a hate crime reporting service [helpline and website] for Hong Kong BNO status holders.

For more information on the Hong Kong BNO visa, see our Hong Kong hub.












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