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National Roma Network 2015-2017: Developments, learning and action

National Roma Network 2015-2017: Developments, learning and action

News item 24 October 2018:

New report

A new report by the National Roma Network [NRN] advocates increased support for Roma communities in the UK. Building on the current government focus on integration, the NRN calls for a coherent national plan recognising Roma as a distinct group, with specific issues and needs.

The NRN acts as a forum for professionals and Roma community members to share experiences, information and concerns. While many examples of successful local initiatives are highlighted within the report, it identifies a need for cohesive nationwide support for local areas working with Roma.

At a time when insecurity caused by Brexit is dominating the discussion, the report sheds light on the wider recurrent difficulties Roma experience across the UK, such as access and quality of housing, high school exclusion levels, access to and relationship with public services and safeguarding concerns.

The NRN recommendations include:

  • Establish a national plan for Roma inclusion.
  • Commit to evidence–based policy for improving lives of Roma and local communities.
  • Tackle complex issues facing Roma communities such as exploitation, inequality and poverty.
  • Provide opportunities for Roma people and Roma communities to help themselves.
  • Ensure Roma are fully prepared for Brexit changes.

‘Understanding the service deficiencies we know exist is important, not only to help improve the experience of the individuals who use them, but also to contribute to a wider integration strategy,’ writes Kate Green MP, co-chair of the APPG for Gypsies, Travellers and Roma, and the APPG on Migration.

'We hope that this report will inspire informed action and planning to better integrate and support the Roma communities across Yorkshire and the UK,' said Dave Brown, Head of Migration Yorkshire.

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