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Newcomer briefings

Newcomer briefings

News item 17 August 2018:

New briefings and infographics are now available for 2017. For the first time, these briefings cover 21 local authorities and districts in the Yorkshire and Humber region, giving an insight into the trends in newcomers for 2017. These resources are designed for local authorities and other service providers in Yorkshire and Humber as a quick way to gain an overview of the latest migration trends when planning local services.

The overall story across the region is that there has been a fall in new arrivals, with 18% fewer people arriving in 2017 than in 2016. Those who do arrive are more likely to be men, of a young working age [18-34] who come from an EU country. Like last year, the top country of origin for the region is Romania. The greatest change in terms of individual nationalities has been a fall in Polish arrivals.

However, our region is so varied that there are some interesting exceptions to this general description. For example:

  • North Lincolnshire bucks the falling trend in arrivals, the only area showing a small increase in newcomers.
  • Another notable exception is where women outnumber men among newcomers – this happened in Harrogate and York.
  • Neither Poland nor Romania is the top country of origin in four areas: in Bradford the top country of origin is Pakistan, in Calderdale it’s India, in Craven it’s Hungary, and in Richmondshire Nepal is top.
  • In Calderdale, Richmondshire and Sheffield, non-EU arrivals are greater in number than EU arrivals.
  • Change in most places has been dominated by fluctuations in Polish or Romanian arrivals. York is the exception here, with the greatest change being a fall in arrivals from Spain.

Have we whetted your appetite? Download the documents for the place you are interested in to find out more!

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