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Connecting Opportunities

To find out more about the Connecting Opportunities project that started in July 2017, go to:

Recent project: South Yorkshire Roma

The idea behind our South Yorkshire Roma project was to bring together Roma communities and Roma support organisations to look at how best to tackle Roma exclusion in South Yorkshire. There have been lots of research and projects about new Roma communities in South Yorkshire during the past decade. We wanted to bring all of this knowledge and experience together in order to move forward together and improve the situation for migrant Roma and their local communities.

It was a challenge to bring together Roma, practitioner and host community viewpoints all at once - and to come up with some practical recommendations that take account of these different perspectives and reflect some of the challenges that exist in these local areas.

A further unique aspect of this project was the fact that it took place around the time of the EU referendum vote in June 2016. Most of our data was collected after the vote took place, and so we had the opportunity to capture some of the immediate impacts felt among Roma communities and how individuals responded differently to the result.

Go to: South Yorkshire Roma reports.

Go to: South Yorkshire Roma project - archive page.

Past projects

Our past projects archive includes information on:

  • Integration up North
  • Migration Impacts Fund
  • Public Sector Group
  • Refugee Integration and Employment Service
  • Refugee Integration Programme
  • Roma MATRIX
  • Roma SOURCE


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