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Programme archive

Use the links below to download some documents produced by the Refugee Integration Programme [2007-2010].

These documents are no longer current. They were produced by under Migration Yorkshire's former name, the 'Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership'.


Finding Sanctuary, Enriching Yorkshire & Humber: Draft Integration Strategy for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Yorkshire & Humber [2009 – 2011]  183 KB - pdf

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Consultation for the Yorkshire and Humber Integration Strategy [2008]  271 KB - pdf

Integration Strategy for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Yorkshire and Humber - Written Consultation for Organisations [2008]   231 KB - pdf

Is Culture important for Refugee Integration? - Cultural Consultation [2007]  33 KB - pdf


Action Plan [2009-2011] for the integration strategy for refugees and asylum seekers  [September 2009] 526 KB - pdf  [Go to the Refugee Integration Strategy page to see a copy of the updated Action Plan [July 2010].

Presentation slides for the launch of the Integration Strategy for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Yorkshire and Humber 2009 – 2011  [358 KB, PowerPoint format] - Presentation slides to accompany the talk given by Dave Brown, Refugee Integration Manager, at the launch of the strategy in June 2009.

Regional integration strategy for refugees 2003-2006  481 KB - pdf

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