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New arrivals 2015 - briefing papers

Use the links at the bottom of this page to download a series of short briefings that illustrate the geographical settlement of new migrants using data about people who registered for a national insurance number in 2015 [so excludes asylum seekers and children]. Each briefing includes a set of maps showing the distribution of new arrivals from the EU and non-EU countries, as well as examples of particular countries of origin.

The version below was issued in June 2016; it replaces the earlier version of these briefings. We outline the reasons for this below.

What has been changed in the new version?

This corrected version of the briefing has amended data on two pages:

  • Section 1, lines 1-2: a revised total for new arrivals in 2015 and the change from 2014
  • Section 2 table: revised figures for the Top 10 countries of origin

Why has it been changed?

The original briefing summed the data for each nationality in each of the MSOA areas to provide the total for each local authority overall. We have spotted that this raw data excludes very small values (<5) each time, to protect identities. When you add all of those possibilities up, it results in the differences explained above. The briefings now provide the total number for each local authority area overall that includes these very small values.

These June 2016 versions provide a more accurate picture of the volume of new arrivals to each local authority area. It matches the overall figure if you search for the data directly from the DWP website.

Barnsley: new arrivals 2015.pdf 552 KB
Bradford: new arrivals 2015.pdf 698 KB
Calderdale: new arrivals 2015.pdf 489 KB
Doncaster: new arrivals 2015.pdf 571 KB
Hull: new arrivals 2015.pdf 490 KB
Kirklees: new arrivals 2015.pdf 682 KB
Leeds: new arrivals 2015.pdf 993 KB
Rotherham: new arrivals 2015.pdf 566 KB
Sheffield: new arrivals 2015.pdf 701 KB
Wakefield: new arrivals 2015.pdf 634 KB

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