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MIF network - Yorkshire and Humber

Archive page - the Migration Impacts Fund has now come to the end of its funding period

What was the Migration Impacts Fund [MIF] network?

There were 16 Migration Impacts Fund-supported projects in our region working to address the short-term impacts of migration on local communities. These projects worked to address a number of locally-identified priorities, particularly, housing, ESOL, public health, children and young people, and integration.

Migration Yorkshire supported these projects by coordinating a MIF network, which:

  • brought local MIF projects together to share knowledge, experience and successes
  • organised specialist workshops on issues identified by the projects

Migration Yorkshire produced a regional MIF bulletin, which updated the network on important developments, and helped to share best practice.

Membership of the MIF network

Barnsley Council Local Strategic Partnership
Barnsley Migrant Impact Initiative

Bradford Local Strategic Partnership
Bradford Migrant Advocacy Project [B-MAP]

Calderdale Local Strategic Partnership
Calderdale Council, Engage, Advise, Invest project

Doncaster Local Strategic Partnership
Eastern European Migration Support

East Riding Council Local Strategic Partnership
East Riding of Yorkshire - Migration Impacts Fund projects

Hull Local Strategic Partnership
Hull City Council

Kirklees Local Strategic Partnership
Kirklees Migrant Impact Initiatives

Leeds Local Strategic Partnership
Leeds City Council

Northern Refugee Centre
EU Migrant Advice

North Lincolnshire Local Strategic Partnership
North Lincolnshire Migrant Advancement Partnership

North Yorkshire Local Strategic Partnership
Accessing education for new migrant families project
Conversational English for migrants project 
Harrogate CVS – Migrant worker early intervention project

Police - Humberside, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire
Police and Public Sector Interpreters Project

Rotherham Local Strategic Partnership
Rotherham Managing the Impacts of Migration Project

Sheffield Local Strategic Partnership
Sheffield Migration Impact Project

Wakefield Local Strategic Partnership
Wakefield Migrants Matter Project   

Progress report - year 1 

All MIF projects were asked to provide a progress report to the Department for Communities and Local Government [DCLG] before the end of March 2010.

Migration Yorkshire [formerly the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership] collated those progress reports, and submitted them to DCLG, together with a covering report which includes a regional overview, highlights achievements, and identifies new and emerging trends for 2010-2011. You can download the covering report using this link: Regional covering report for Spring 2010 MIF self-assessment returns - Yorkshire and the Humber  [96KB - pdf format].

End of projects report - November 2010

spacerThis report by Migration Yorkshire [formerly the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Migration Partnership] brings together some of the good practice and lessons learned in Yorkshire and Humber during the 18 month funding period of the Migration Impacts Fund [MIF]. The report aims to identify and record many of the innovative local approaches that were taken to make best use of this resource. It looks at how different local areas responded to the challenge to mitigate impact on host communities and looks forward to how some of this work will be embedded in mainstream delivery.

Go to our publications page to download a copy of the report:

More information

John Donegan at Migration Yorkshire coordinated the MIF network:

John Donegan
Project Officer – Roma MATRIX
Phone: 0113 395 2448

See also

Our Migration Impacts Fund page gives you some background information on the fund, and outlines Migration Yorkshire's role in supporting the delivery of MIF in the region.

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