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Refugee Integration Programme 2007-2010

Archive page - the Refugee Integration Programme has now come to the end of its funding period.

The Refugee Integration Programme coordinated the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the Yorkshire and Humber region, and aimed to improve the way refugees and asylum seekers are supported to become independent and integrated members of their new neighbourhoods and communities.

The Refugee Integration Programme began in 2007 and was a three year programme. It was funded by Yorkshire Forward, and delivered by Migration Yorkshire.

What did it do?

The Programme had three key roles:

  • Writing and implementing the refugee integration strategy for the region: ‘Finding Sanctuary, Enriching Yorkshire and Humber: Integration Strategy for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Yorkshire and Humber 2009-2011’. You can download a copy of the strategy and action plan, and a summary of consultation responses, from our refugee integration strategy page.  
  • Working strategically with partners to ensure the successful integration of refugees across the region.
  • Providing information, data and research for the development of policies, strategies and project delivery.

Who was involved?

The Refugee Integration Manager at Migration Yorkshire coordinated the Programme, and reported to the Refugee Integration Group and the Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Migration Group.

Over 40 regional organisations signed up to the Integration Strategy Action Plan.


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