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Asylum Accommodation report: Home Office urged to investigate

Asylum Accommodation report: Home Office urged to investigate

News item 31 January 2017:

Statement from Migration Yorkshire

Migration Yorkshire is disappointed at the extent of the problems described in the Asylum Accommodation report issued today by the Home Affairs Committee and urges the Home Office to investigate the allegations immediately. In addition to the rights and wrongs of how we treat the most vulnerable in our society, it is imperative that everyone in our communities has confidence in the asylum system.

Dave Brown, Head of Migration Yorkshire said: “This report highlights some real issues. Many of the conclusions echo the key principles set out by local authorities in our region for the future of the asylum system, in particular that there should be ‘fair and equitable distribution’, regional coordination and local accountability.”

“Migration Yorkshire will continue to work with the Home Office, G4S, local authorities and other key partners to ensure that the asylum system is effective, provides adequate support for vulnerable people, and is fairly administered for the benefit of all communities in Yorkshire and Humber.”

Download the report at this link: Asylum accommodation: House of Commons Home Affairs Committee






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