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"We remain committed to welcoming refugees and building cohesive communities"

News item 30 January 2017:

Yorkshire and Humber speaks out

In light of international events, today the Yorkshire Humber region reaffirms its commitments to resettling Syrian refugees and to the integration of all people living here, whatever their nationality or faith.

Dave Brown, Head of Migration Yorkshire said:

" Yorkshire and Humber has a long and successful history of migration, and we will resist any attempts to sow division or hatred. The diversity of our people enriches our region economically, socially and culturally. We will continue to lead the way on refugee resettlement in the UK by providing sanctuary to Syrians fleeing the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen for decades."

"At this moment in time, leadership is crucial in building cohesive communities, and people here can continue to take immense pride in the compassionate, humane and rational responses of civic leaders and local communities across Yorkshire and Humber." 






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